Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why The +98% Are Still At Home...

Most Americans are frantically treading water just to stay afloat, they know the treadmill's broke, and broke bad, but they're scared shitless to get off. They're gonna ride that bad boy straight down to the rims. Just as we've been trained and told. To get off would brand us losers, and worse still, it would mean we were lied to- and we took it all in: hook, line and sinker. So we'll continue to stay the course, and continue to struggle with ourselves- and the others just like us, all around us. It's the only option we've been allowed to hear, prepared to believe and allowed to follow. A dumb and sorry lot are we.

There was, of course, that brief wink of recognition when we could connect the dots, could see through the lies- had the insight to recognize the enemy. And knowledge emboldened us to strike back, in that brief shining moment called the sixties. But when all was said and done, it was the 1% that had learned the most. Which is why our public school system descended into absolute shambles, and debt for college loans now actually exceeds that of credit cards. The dumbing down of America was the first well calculated step towards the economic enslavement of the 99%. Make them so outstandingly ignorant they don't even know who to blame. Hence religious fundamentalism in the body politic, the rise of the FOX, the utter lunacy of a Tea Party- the "equality" of corporate personhood. No conspiracy here; it was all done in broad daylight, under guise of law, one small and very conscious step at a time as that most treasured American Dream became more and more just that with every succeeding year, with every passing decade. Pretty soon we were just living on its fumes, living off the numbers the 1% created and worshiped- until even they could no longer pretend they added up. But we were too busy shopping to notice, or care.

The dream long dissolved and dissipated, we now lack the means (economically or morally) to deal with the reality left us.  So much so, that when the most innocent amongst finally point the way to a most obvious truth- we ignore, deride, and belittle them. And in our most bountiful ignorance, still court those who so gleefully, willfully sold us out, to somehow, ultimately save us. A lost and sorry lot are we.

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