Saturday, October 1, 2011

Occupy Wall St! Take ll...

The Occupy Wall St. movement is now finally getting a much needed boost from some much needed union support. It would be nice to see this evolve into the nationwide movement that would replace the justifiably angry people who don't have a clue (ie- The Tea Party) with those who have that precious modicum of common sense- the kind that allows them to properly identify exactly who is hellbent on screwing them (us) the most in a country so utterly hellbent on destroying itself.

Whether this will be the moment (shoulda happened in Wisconsin), I don't know. After eight years of railing against blatant Bush criminality, and three years of absolute betrayal, there's no way I can possibly allow myself to... "hope" anymore. Nonetheless, these youngbloods are to be applauded for trying- whether or not they lead us to The Final Awakening!

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