Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Mother Of Creepy (Photography) Sales Pitches

Anybody else get this in an email? OK, so he's pretty much the harmless kinda creep. But creepy nonetheless. Wouldn't he sell more of his color corrected widgets if he toned down the creep factor just a tad (as in a lot).

PS- I never got the promised 2nd video- could it be because I wrote back saying he was creeping me out?

Update: Alas, it's here!


Eric Rose said...

Anyone count how many times he says "mother of all flash diffusers"? I think he has been watching to many of those get rich in multilevel real estate videos. I gave up after 4 min's. Does he ever really show this wondrous piece of "pro" gear?

Stan B. said...

You're missing the point, Eric- I uhhh... think it's performance art. At least that's the only way I can appreciate it.

Anyway, I really can't watch the whole 1st video again- but didn't he make a big deal that you would be able to turn his flim flam any which way to direct the light? Seems you can't do it with the "finished product."