Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 99%

I'm really getting tired of the media's hollow protestations that they don't know what these protesters "want." If they really don't know: a) what country do they live in, b) what world do they live in, c) how the hell do they call themselves "journalists?"

Are they really that unaware, that totally ignorant of the pain and abuse so many Americans are currently experiencing directly because of the predatory capitalism practiced by the scions of Wall St.? These young people are marching precisely because so many, so called journalists have time and time again abdicated their responsibility to uncover, expose and disseminate the truth- a truth as blatantly obvious as the smoke that filled the skies above the crematoria.


sharyn said...

100% true - and its coming to London!! Finally, the heart of all misery - corporations are being expoed.

Stan B. said...

They're already plenty exposed- for anyone with the eyes to see. Americans, unlike our somewhat saner counterparts overseas just refuse to look (at the obvious), believe (the obvious), or admit they've been so obviously taken- hook, line and sinker.