Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eric Cantor- Hypocrisy Is Thy Face

Portraits are tricky critters. They can purposely or unknowingly trick, mislead, even lie- and we in turn can misread them, choosing to see only what we want to see. Was Mona Lisa smiling in the security of her own self assuredness, masking her own insecurity, or was she merely exhibiting a tell tale consequence of some chronic form of agita, as has also been suggested?

But sometimes, sometimes (rare as it admittedly and most definitely is) a portrait, even a simple snapshot such as the one above can downright nail it, let the air out, release the trap door and expose the down and dirty behind the moat and castle walls. Such is the case in this most intriguing photo of Mr. Eric Cantor- the look of a guy who most definitely works on the sly, when your back is turned, when the lights are low, when there's a crowd to hide behind. The look of someone who will never look you full in the face, eyeball to eyeball, mano a mano...

How do I know I'm not simply misreading this, not pouring my own personal animus into the shell of this foul skinned excuse of humanity? Well, for one thing, you can just read the accompanying article- and countless others just like it. The writers may vary in their style and delivery, but his actions never waiver in their utter contempt for his fellow man. He lies, distorts, accuses and then hides- from the truth, from his constituents, and worst of all... from his very own words and actions.

True, that doesn't much separate him from a plethora (if not the overwhelming majority) of politicians. But take a long hard look at that face; deep down in your gut and right through to your very soul, every goddamn sensory organ in your whole goddamn body screams that that face does not lie- no matter what its mouth says!


Eric Rose said...

He's just parroting the GOP talking points. Whether a member of the GOP looks sleazy or not is of no consequence, their underlying message is the same. Out of one side of their mouths they decry "pitting one American against another" but out of the other they encourage it. Whatever it takes to regain the White House is fair game. It's the north vs the south all over again. Replace plantation owners with mega corps, slaves with the American worker. The religion of capitalism has trumped the values the US of A was built on.

Stan B. said...

True enough- I just find it curious that he goes so out of his way to continuously concoct stuff and has, as of yet, not mastered the Republican poker face.