Thursday, October 6, 2011

MONO- The Book!

The good folks at GOMMA are planning on putting out a high quality photo book devoted to high quality mono imagery to be entitled... MONO. You have till the end of the year to get your shit together and send it on in, and best of all- it's free to enter (and you maintain copyright)! I dutifully try to enter at least one long shot every year just to go through the motions of not having completely given up on leading a fruitful and productive life (even though the complete futility and exasperation of repeated rejection just ends up reinforcing the vicious cycle I'm trying to avoid). Anyway, looks like this may just be this year's model (as well as the next)...

PS-  Which reminds me... instead of just philosophizing or fantasizing about some imaginary, illusory B&W Revival (some, what was it... five, six years ago?)- couldn't the photo bigwigs like Charlotte Cotton who were talking the talk actually have done something just like this to promote just that?

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