Monday, October 10, 2011

On Tom Wik (and Calendars)

Photo: Tom Wik

I've mentioned Tom Wik a couple of times here, most recently when I was "reviewing" this year's Blurb ensemble- his book being one of the (very) few highlights to be seen. Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure, when I mentioned that I'd love to hang his pictures on my walls for a bit of inspiration- Tom was nice enough to send me his calendar. And a beautiful thing it is... his "portraits" of various idiosyncratic homes all seem possessed of some bizarre magic that make you want to look at them, enter them, live in them- some, quaint fairy tale like houses, others, graphically dynamic, and others still, just downright humorous.

Obviously, some projects would look better than others as calendars- surprised Blurb doesn't offer a calendar service. Or are calendars sooo last century? I think it remains a pretty neat option- thinking of it myself now.  Not to mention they make a very personal and great little present, promo, etc.

Photo: Tom Wik

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