Thursday, October 13, 2011

Help Save The Lower East Side...

Three decades in the making, The Lower East Side by Brian Rose is a piece of New York history the city itself should be helping to produce and publicize. Alas, New York is a cold hearted mistress, always the proud lover when praised and promoted, she acknowledges her debts only grudgingly, if ever.

The Lost Border, Brian's brilliant photographic tribute to the Berlin Wall/Iron Curtain, will forever stand tall in ways the actual barrier could never hope to achieve. Rather than divide, The Lower East Side forced people together in an extreme experiment of its own well before Riis, Hines and Weegee- they who so well explored and captured their own eras. Rose helps fill in that historical gap and bring us to the present with the closing days of a "Loisaida" that still remained a formidable player in the mix. His Kickstarter campaign, if successful, will serve to document part of a city, part of a century that needs to be remembered, treasured and hopefully, one day, learned from.

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