Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grayson, Camp & The 99%

We have 1% of the richest, greediest, filthiest people in the world v .001% of the 99- where's the rest of the 98+% that should be marching alongside in protest, shutting down and paralyzing every major city in this country and the next? And they call the OWS kids... slackers!? Yeah, I know we're all too damn busy just struggling to survive- point is, we'd all see a lot more return for that struggle if we simply united into a strong, indivisible front. The 1% delights in our innate ability to divide ourselves- they encourage it.

Where is the voice and membership of every damn union that's barely survived the purge? Where is the voice of Mr. Farrakhan who got out one million strong? Where are the preachers, rabbis and priests whose flocks have lost their homes, their jobs and well being? Where are the thousands of parents whose children attend long neglected public schools that can't properly educate their children for colleges they cannot afford? Where are the teachers whose workloads increase each and every year while their jobs are threatened, cut and privatized? Where are the elderly who can still raise holy hell? Where are the truck drivers and janitors, the food servers and sales persons, the plumbers and farmers- where is everyone who has seen their wages diminish, their health diminish, the future dreams and immediate needs of their own family and children delayed, denied and forgotten?

Why are you just watching- or worse yet, deriding? You can conveniently blame whatever struggling group of people you so choose- but it was the 1% that sent our jobs overseas, it's the 1% that still refuses to pay anything resembling their fair share of taxes- it's the 1% that are still giving themselves raises! And not one of the entire lot that so callously created this entire economic debacle has been charged, indicted or convicted. Is a Tea Party ignorant of our own history going to save you, or are you still betting on the eternal dance of Presidents from either side of one coin?

Think- Act- Demand- March!!! We can be... We must be... We are the 99%!


double nickel said...

The irony is that I have to watch a GM commercial before seeing the video.

Eric Rose said...

Interesting that Micheal Moore is staying very quite on all of this. Or maybe the media is shutting him out.

Stan B. said...

He actually went to Occupy Wall St. a couple of weeks ago to lend his support- wasn't a big mainstream news item, but was most definitely there.

Eric Rose said...

The news media must be ignoring anyone that could lend the Occupy movement any heavy weight support. The media just wants to portray them as a bunch of unorganized and largely unsupported wacko screaming in the wilderness. Considering the media's revenue comes from the very people that Occupy is protesting against, I'm not holding my breath on better coverage.

billliam said...

It's not about getting big names to participate in OWS it's about getting big numbers. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!