Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome to Pottersville- RIP

I once had a good friend who towards the end of our friendship was regularly threatening suicide. At first, of course, I tried to counsel and console as best I could, and I guess not very successfully since it only became more regular, more consistant, and infinitely more annoying to the point that I finally told him to hurry up and do it since I was so sick and goddamn tired of having to listen to it, time and time again.

I only mention this since my favorite political blog, Welcome to Pottersville, is no longer with us as of a couple of weeks ago. It's author had the occasional habit of threatening to quit and close up shop because he felt he just wasn't appreciated enough. And he was right. But in this case you put up with it simply because he was, in fact, a brilliant writer (as he would oft remind one) when it came to all things political. He didn't have to be crude, or obscene- although what he wrote about usually was. He was simply incensed at what this country has allowed itself to become- as all Americans should be, and wrote about it with a candor, insight and fury that left the opposition an exposed and bloodied mess.

Sometimes I'd choose to skip reading a day or two, I just didn't need to get any more riled up than I already was; but more often than not, it was a cathartic (and edifying) experience one seldom, if ever, regretted- the blog equivalent of listening to Mike Malloy.

Well, he finally made good his threat, and in true fashion, not only quit but deleted himself completely off the (blog) grid. Jurassic Pork will be missed, and he definitely won't be resting in peace- Good luck with that novel!

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jurassicpork said...

Who'd said that our friendship ever came to an end?

Follow me to my new place through my profile. I keep coming back like a drug-resistant herpes sore. But this blog isn't really much the last one. For this time, I have absolutely no expectations whatsoever, which is why I don't blogwhore anymore or even put up the URL on the A list blogs, which I also don't go to.