Sunday, July 20, 2008


Make no doubt, I love to travel. Put me on something that moves, and if it gets me someplace I've never been, I'm one happy guy- even if it's someplace in New Jersey. Truth is, seems I get more good photographs from places not especially known for there beauty or grandeur. I get more keepers from quirky little, domestic side roads, than the most glamorous must see spots in all Europe- though there's no question where I'd rather eat!

Seeing new places just sets my mind reeling, all five senses and then some, all alert and firing. I'm looking through a child's eyes again in a heightened state of awareness that is both exhilarating and analytical, in other words- the perfect photographic state of mind.

Anyway, here are some other reasons people love to travel... And what I wouldn't do to have this guy's job- especially when "staycation" lies so prevalent on my horizon...

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