Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guantanamo: Beyond the Law..

Guantanamo: Beyond the Law is an in-depth investigation by the McClatchy Washington bureau (successors to the Knight-Ridder Washington bureau— the lone mainstream-media organization credited for its skeptical, forthright, consistent questioning and reporting in the run-up to the Iraq war) into the atrocity that Guantanamo has been to this very day.

As suggested, a Truth Commission would certainly be nice- accountability, jail time and justice served would be much better!

"These were not random acts," the New York Times editorialized. "It is clear from the inspector general's report that this was organized behavior by both civilian and military interrogators following the specific orders of top officials. The report shows what happens when an American president, his secretary of defense, his Justice Department and other top officials corrupt American law to rationalize and authorize the abuse, humiliation and torture of prisoners."

One of the agents testified that this was not "a case of a rogue interrogator acting on her own." He said he witnessed a "pep rally" meeting conducted by a top Defense Department official "in which the interrogators were encouraged to get as close to the torture statute line as possible."

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