Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dr. Edgar Mitchell- They're Here!

Yet another lunatic, psycho crackpot screaming little green men!!! Honestly, where do they get these whackos? As if this guy, this Dr. Edgar Mitchell, is supposed to have some kinda props just because he's an Apollo astronaut, or because he has contacts in military intelligence. Puh-lease, who writes this shit up? I mean, why would our government ever lie to us in the first place... about anything!?!

Chances are official confirmation will, in fact, take place within our lifetime. And I'd like to think that I'm a big enough person, a mature enough adult that when it does happen I won't go running around rubbing it in everyone's face who looked down on me like I was the bloomin', ignorant idiot. I'm not talking about those who are skeptical, skepticism is good- I'm talking about the arrogant sons of bitches (religious and scientific alike) who condescendingly dismiss the thought automatically, like those who scoffed at the very idea that there could be a whole world of organisms too small to be seen by our all too human eyes.

So it is my fervent hope that I won't reciprocate such petty minded, prideful, condescension to those who so willingly volunteered such a fundamentally flawed lapse of judgment.

I'm working on it...

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