Friday, July 4, 2008

Gary Webb- American Patriot

Think that our current don't rock the boat, follow the leader corporate media is a direct legacy of the W regime? Think again.

Gary Webb was a journalist for the San Jose Mercury News who in 1996 came out with a series of articles entitled Dark Alliance (later to be a book) detailing the Contra-CIA-Cocaine connection- the latter's ultimate destination, the streets of LA. For his remarkable effort in researching and bringing to light this illegal, clandestine operation originally blessed by President Reagan himself, Webb was at first belittled, and then effectively silenced in the prestiges pages of The Washington Post, The LA Times, The NY Times, etc, etc and was eventually forced to resign from The San Jose Mercury News. Jerry Seapost, the executive editor who helped bury him, was awarded with an ethics award (yes, you read right) from no less than The Society of Professional Journalists even though in 1998 the CIA was forced to admit its active participation in the Contra-Cocaine Connection. Webb, instead of being vindicated, congratulated and celebrated, was effectively banned from making a living in his chosen profession. He died of a self inflicted gun shot wound in 2004.

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