Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Martian Green!

None other than the late Arthur C. Clarke swore that he saw the Martian equivalent of Banyan trees in this B&W photograph of Mars. That premise has been thrown into doubt however with the current theory that these are the results of complex gaseous, chemical processes both below and above the Martian surface. The latter of course sounds more feasible, and without higher resolution photographs, it will be hard to conclude either way with 100% certainty.

But how does one explain the photographs (click above and below) taken by the European Space Agency Mars Express Spacecraft? These fairly high def photos feature what certainly look likes Martian vegetation to an Earth based human eye. The FAQ on the official site assures us that the green coloring is due to faulty color interpretation on the first photos sent back- colors which have since been adjusted to their "correct" blue and gray. For some reason however, seems the corrected versions have not replaced their faulty green predecessors...

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