Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Nikon D700

Although I shoot and prefer film, I have no "moral" qualms about digital- a good photograph will always be a good photograph, regardless. But I've never been tempted by a digital SLR until now, simply because I'd also have to invest in digital sized wide angles (not to mention: strobe, printer, etc). But here comes the Nikon D700- and I sure wouldn't mind taking it for a prolonged, full frame joyride. I always knew that if I held out long enough, one day I'd be able to use my Nikon wide angles on a full frame digital equivalent of the F100- I also damn well knew that I'd never be able to afford said body.

So I'll read and possibly even salivate over the many reviews and reports to come; and continue to fantasize- what if. Of course, Nikon could always choose to reward my twenty five plus year loyalty by tossing me a freebie, think of the publicity benefits... Last of film Luddite holdouts revels in Nikon full frame digital euphoria! Maybe.

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