Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Discouragingly Good

I've posted on this phenomena before, photographers who make it look so easy, those rare and chosen few who are so goddamn good, that they are, in effect- thoroughly, totally humbling. The best of the best, they are beyond inspiring. They are "the discouragingly good." Those rare priceless shots that you take on your best day imaginable, they take on a regular, daily basis- no matter the assignment, no matter the light. And if that aint enough, they can do it in color, or B&W. Total, complete humiliation.

So you stand in the gallery space, mouth agape, reeling in the complete awe of the experience, scrutinize every detail in the book reproductions, gaze into the glare of the monitor in prolonged contemplation. And ask yourself, why, why even bother? Why do I even risk being seen raising camera to eye?

George Georgiou (who I found via Colin Pantall) is but the latest photographer that has struck this nerve in my retina. Jealous? You bet! God bless, long life and... thank you!

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