Sunday, December 26, 2010

Susan Lindauer- Whistleblower/Political Prisoner/Patriot

I must admit I lost all remembrance of this until I once again read about it at Welcome Back To Pottersville. At the time, I had simply lost track of all the nonstop transgressions and high crimes and misdemeanors by the Bush/Cheney regime- as well as all hope. It had finally dawned on me like an inevitably corrosive cancer, that unlike with Nixon, the truth would not catch up with these two- justice would not have out. Basic common sense had long lost out to fear, prejudice and those who create their own reality.

Susan Lindauer has been put through hell- a hell created by empire. Treated as any political prisoner of the Soviet empire, except she was a US citizen imprisoned in a US prison by the US government. A direct casualty of the Bush/Cheney regime, and a complete miscarriage and travesty of justice that would have gotten any US journalist the Pulitzer had he or she reported on the Chinese equivalent in China. Instead, US citizen Susan Lindauer was imprisoned, silenced and forgotten in her own country for standing up for that which this country allegedly prides itself for representing and personifying. How come she isn't invited on all the morning news programs? How come she hasn't been feted on the beloved Oprah?

Her book is called Extreme Prejudice, every US citizen should read it.


Eric Rose said...

Why hasn't she been embraced by the media? For the same reason no one talks about wilkileaks anymore. They are afraid to.

Stan B. said...

Yup, even in our new era of "transparency in government," when security and secrecy have been ratcheted up even further...