Monday, December 6, 2010

OK, OK... So What Was The Flight #?

Wasn't gonna get in this, perfectly willing to believe the non official explanation, no problem-
Even though you got equal numbers of "experts" on either side detailing why it was a missile/airliner.

It's not a missile, it's not a missile, it's not a missile!

Perfectly easy to (dis)prove.
Right... NORAD, Pentagon, FAA?*

*So... What Was The Flight #!??
("Official Source" only, please)


Gerald said...

LOL. I knew you'd be all over this. Yes, it's an anti-alien missle shot from a covert submarine. The reason it is moving so slowly is that the aliens had it trapped in a slow-motion ray that gave them time to bug out of their.

Stan B. said...

And surprised you took so long with your completely predictable, knee jerk reaction.

I couldn't make it clearer I am willing to believe either side. And this could have been quashed days ago- with an official announcement.

None of the organizations named (all of which exist to protect us- on our dime) are worth a penny of their existence if they can't tell us the flight #.