Monday, December 20, 2010

Open Call For Submissions!

One of the things I most enjoy here is turning on to new or undervalued work and in turn, sharing it with others. I'd certainly like to do a lot more of that on Reciprocity Failure starting this year. So if you have some serious work out there that deserves a bit more exposure- send it on in. If I like it, fine- if not, no hard feelings!

Eligibility: Pretty much anyone...

Criteria:  I shouldn't have to say any of this, but- from my experience co-editing Expiration Notice ... Don't send in your weekend or holiday snaps that you and your squeeze think turned out real well. Don't send in stuff that everyone on Flickr responds to with, "Awesome, dude!" Excessive photoshop is like excessive make up. Individual images are fine- but not "different styles;" are you a cover band, or a photographer?  Work can be current, or "pre-internet." 

Make your jpgs 72dpi 750-850 px wide; around 6-10, with a brief (very) artist's statement. I'd like to publish anywhere between 3-6 images with a link for a period of two days. Submissions ongoing... Send to:

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