Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alan George's San Francisco

Every few months when I'm feeling a tad low/in need of recharge, I head over to Alan George's Flickr pages, and damn if his images don't get me invigoratin' yet again. Humorous, contemplative, dynamic... beautiful!

Photo: Alan George

A native of the South, Mr. George has found San Francisco one very fertile playing field to seek out and mine for images. I like to think I have a pretty good eye for the passing picture possibility- this son of a bitch (whose only been photographing a little over 5 freakin' years) shows me how much I miss with every step. The guy's been wandering about every little known, side street and cranny that somehow hold this town together with what can only be described as an Atgetian intensity. And the results are a wonder to behold! Hope there's a book on these soon- this town owes him one...

(Won't begin to tell ya how long I tried to get that very shot of that goddamn lamp post against that goddamn wall.)

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