Thursday, December 9, 2010


All the innocent men, women and children maimed, tortured and killed by our armies and "private contractors." All in our name, at the request of our leaders- and yet it is they who declare Julian Assange has blood on his hands. Or is it non consenting sex that so appalls them so? Just who is it that deserves to be taken out?


Gerald said...

And now that you have all of this information what are you going to do about it?

Are you also saying that Assange forcing women to have unprotected sex is okay because he's your saviour? Kind of hypocritical isn't it?

Stan B. said...

More than hypocritical to already render him guilty considering the case has not only not gone to trial but was originally thrown out because it was judged to be nonsense and only reinstated because of the intense pressure placed on Sweden by the USA. Unlike you, I don't know all the details- that's why there are trials, and hopefully not kangaroo ones which are meant solely to get your ass back to the country that wants to permanently shut you up.

As someone else said, if he was Chinese exposing Chinese secrets- he would've gotten the Nobel already. And the US would be his biggest champion!

PS- I gave up on saviours in junior high.

Stan B. said...


I'm afraid I had to Spam your ass, ol' bud- you can only puke in a guy's living room so many times. Especially when it starts sounding like it's being funneled direct from FOX "news" headquarters. I let our relationship last longer than it should have, and for that, I apologize- it was clearly doomed from the start. The "teachable moments" became less and less, to the point where I was simply going through the motions. Someone had to end it. Hate me if you must, but it will be for the best- you'll see.

And no, we can't just be friends.