Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heroes & Hypocrites

With all the attention currently on Julian Assange- let's not forget Bradley Manning, the man who for all practical purposes, had the courage to sacrifice the remainder of his young life for what he believed needed to be done. He now lies in solitary without being charged, and forcibly drugged (not because he's violent or uncooperative, but to offset the direct road to insanity brought on by sensory deprivation).

And before the over zealous, vengeful minions cast the first stone with their accusations of traitor, terrorist and worse- how many of them have condemned the continued maiming and slaughter of innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan? How loud have they lifted their voices in opposition and condemnation of the mercenaries we employ who commit those war crimes in the name of The United States of America?

PS- And at the very least- instead of bitchin' about Wikileaks and birth certificates... why don't they make themselves useful and go look for the missing $12 BILLION cash the Pentagon "misplaced" somewhere in Iraq in one lump sum- "the biggest transfer of cash in the history of the Federal Reserve."

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