Wednesday, December 1, 2010

China: The Past Is A Foreign Country

 Christian Als

The subjects of the last two posts involving Asian Americans were both made and found on the same day. Getting both ready to post, I stumbled upon 100 Eyes' current online issue featuring modern day China through the eyes of quite a few photographers- some truly excellent stuff there!


Mike C said...

I wondered where those two posts were coming from...thought you'd been spending time in Chinatown. (Wish I was there!) Interesting stuff, thanks.

Stan B. said...

The portrait and the note from the previous posts were found in North Beach and by the piers, respectively. I've been lucky to find a few things to photograph here in SF (often just walking or biking to and from work), as opposed to say, hometown NYC. If you're not the quintessential street photographer (which I most definitely am not), you're somewhat at a loss in NY. I rather enjoy living in a place that's still urban, quirky- and has the occasional horizon line. Do miss the pizza and bagels though...

Maybe that would be a good premise for a book or show, photographs taken to and from (during?) work, or just grabbed when you weren't purposely out photographing. Running title: At Random.