Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hope Springs...

With all the emerging (art) photographers being born, entering puberty and turning pro, and all the technology and equipment I can't even dream of affording... false as it may be, these guys give me hope. And even if it doesn't spread out far and wide enough to encompass yours truly in some small and concrete way- they do provide an amazing amount of inspiration whatever your age, occupation or tribulation.

Lee Friedlander was never a favorite photographer of mine, liked him well enough mind ya (and always thought he'd benefit from a much tighter edit- still do), but it wasn't till Sticks and Stones followed by America By Car that I really became a true believer... Most artists (incl photographers) at his age are producing tired, second rate versions of former glories, regurgitating originals into yet another thinning anthology, or reanimating whatever unseen mold and mildew they might happen to scrounge at their leisure. This guy literally took the saying to heart and really did leave the best for last!

Jason Eskanazi is by far my favorite photographer/museum guard bar none, and Wonderland, my favorite small photography book of all time!

And Julio Mitchel is now ready to represent in a major way after many a year of working tenaciously in the shadows...

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