Monday, May 5, 2014

The Photographic Tradition

Photo: Costica Acsinte
Photo: Vanessa Winship

At times, it almost seems as Ms. Winship was channeling Mr. Acsinte. I would love to be so possessed, perhaps it is as much an age old obsession with the Balkans themselves, as it is anything else. But then, as much as I love the portraits they are both so well known for- it's Ms. Winship's 35mm. "street" photography that totally mesmerizes me (see Black Sea Pt. 1 & 2, and A Balkan Journey). It just doesn't get any more magical than that!

Photo: Vanessa Winship


mudhouse said...

No doubt about it. She's brilliant.

Stan B. said...

Yes, absolutely, one hundred and... 10 percent!*

Much as I love She Dances On Jackson, wish there was a book on her earlier street stuff...

*Hubby sure ain't no slouch either: