Thursday, May 29, 2014

Signs Of... Intelligence On American TV!

This was truly... SHOCK AND AWE!!!  

And in a very BIG way. No bachelorettes, no pseudo-reality pretension, none of the incessant and purposely dumbed down, celebrity obsessed programming that perpetually constipate our national airwaves. Instead, we were treated to the most intelligent and frank talking head interview on prime time TV that I can recall in years, decades, one helluva, very long time...

I'm talking, of course, about the Edward Snowden interview on NBC. The honesty and clarity of his responses, the complete lack of bombast and subterfuge, the sincerity and commitment to the very core of what this country supposedly stands for- all of it laid bare for those with eyes to see and ears to listen.

And still, there are those who call him traitor, coward and worse, who want to see him jailed, humiliated, and yes, executed. Truth is such a rare commodity these days; it sounds shrill and foreign to so many ears. We have been trained to ignore it, dismiss it, lampoon the ever lovin' hell outta it. We dare not risk recognizing and acknowledging what we have been conditioned to avoid and fear- the word of a man who for no personal gain, has exposed the lies we trust, swear to and live by.

PS- Two things: First, he did (repeatedly) alert his superiors to the illegalities being committed- all to no avail. Second, for those who say he should face the music- remember, just about anything and everything that he could possibly bring up in his defense can be (would be) automatically dismissed "in the name of national security." It would be a "trial" in name only, the only question- the severity of his sentence.

Actually, three- many members of Congress, and even POTUS himself now grudgingly agree that the NSA "overreached." Translation: OK, technically he's right, but... he must be punished anyway to set the example. Right- soon as they indict, convict and imprison each and every bankster who broke our laws...

UPDATE: The Snowden Effect

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