Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stolen, Not Found

Photo Of You Here.

Stolen girls, stolen photos- ironically, both issues have a history of being pushed into the background. Obviously, the most important and overriding concern in this particular instance is that of the safe return of the kidnapped girls- ASAP.

Whenever images are appropriated, misrepresented and misused, it opens up a torrent of potential problems (legal and non legal) involving: ownership, identity, reputation, compensation, etc. Copyright laws really need to be reexamined and (ideally) simplified for all users, brought up to speed with current media and usage, and then... reinforced.

A couple of commenters on the Lens blog said that the appropriation of someone's image (without permission or acknowledgement of either the subject or photographer) for a totally unrelated purpose was basically a non issue (happens all the time, don't ya know)- I responded by asking one how he would feel if a photograph of him was appropriated for a pro or anti NAMBLA ad in which his image was identified as being a member of said organization. 

Think that goes a way to setting things in perspective...

UPDATE: More here...

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