Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Great Unveiling

And as predicted- just in time to help ward off a subsequent Rejection Notice Depression. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, 58 & 1/2yrs in the making...  BEHOLD---

It's up, it's running- for laughs, glory, and critical acclaim! And now, for the obligatory frenzy to acquire and sustain the most hits, the most eyes, the most views and likes- or something to that effect. Actually, I have little stomach and no game plan for that right now, don't even know how to go about it. Once again, in the words of that most quoted of ancient philosopher kings, "It is, what it is."

PS-  Final irony...  Why is it .net instead of .com you ask? Because was already taken. You mean there's another sorry bastard of an S. Banos out there somewhere? Rest assured- there is no alternate Bizarro Banos. The dot com designation is held by... me, rather it is being held hostage by the kidnapper, extortionist company known as who won't release it for my own use until I pay an additional $50 ransom for their "premium" program which will allow me to use it for the very first time since paying for it last year.* Instead, I opted to register .net with Namecheap for $12, a pretty cool registry recommended by 4ormat, whose customer service (along w/very reasonable yearly plan) is proving quite commendable.

* That's right I even end up losing to... myself.



Cool deal. Nice seeing everything in one spot: Stand outs for me are the person laying in the sand, boy with his pants down (These seem older? Just because of the hairstyles, clothes etc. Also, Jesus Twin Towers and Randy RAt, ...rad;)

Stan B. said...

For someone who just wants to get a representative sampling of their images online in a professional, yet cost effective, manner- hard to beat.
Others clearly need more expensive packages or comprehensive services to sell, advertise, etc.

PS- The first two you mention date back to the late seventies...