Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Official Website...

In anticipation of a long upcoming rejection notice (and subsequent depression), a not very productive photo year thus far (to say the very least), and the arrival of my tax refund- I finally decided to get up offa my butt and make the move to put together... The Official Website! No it's not up yet- give it a coupla more days, but it's well beyond the ponderin' stage, and just needs to get its i's dotted and t's crossed.

There were several things that have held me back all these years- a lot of it dealing with the tyranny of choice (so many endless options of styles and services), not to mention the issue of cost (my blog is FREE!- you mean I gotta pay how much for this!?), the fact that I already have my photos up on Flickr (c'mon, seriously, ain't that enough?), and besides... it's not like anyone's gonna beat down the door to get to my brand spankin' new official website.

But in the immortal words of today's most relevant and insightful catch phrase deluxe- It is what it is! After the obligatory pain in the ass research, I chose, their very reasonable yearly Basic Plan is all I really need. And actually, I'm pretty damn happy with it (true- I haven't launched it... yet). I wanted something simple- easy to use, and easy on the eyes. And that it most definitely is; and the really nice part... I lucked out into a service, style and software that required the bare minimum of tweeking. The very best thing about a website though (yes, even my minimalist landscape of a site) is that it can definitely make you look... GOOD! Well, at least in your own eyes. You merely put up solid hit, after solid hit- just enough to look... GOOD (REAL GOOD), and then leave them asking for more. Least, that's how I hear it's supposed to work.

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