Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dear White University Guy

Tal Fortgang. Photo: The College Fix

I'm sorry you're finding out that life is not fair. Bummer, huh? For instance, I know that you know that if your average White guy is driving down the road, and your average Black guy is driving down the same road- you know who's going to get stopped, right? And sometimes it's not just the little things, either- like when you're being sentenced for a crime (particularly one you didn't commit). I could go on (and on)... but you're a busy guy working hard at a prestigious university.

Anyway, I wish you well on life's journey. A little advice- if your boat capsizes and you find yourself thrashing about in the water, don't be too surprised if those White faces row on by and leave you bobbing up and down amongst the Brown and Black faces- "unfortunately," you are Jewish. You're right, "White Privilege," it ain't all it's cracked up to be...

As Professor Battalora states: "[His essay] just reveals how much work there is to be done.”

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