Saturday, May 24, 2014

God's Pocket

Three minutes into this movie, I turned to my wife and said, "This is so freakin' depressing- it's one of my favorite all time movies." Of course, it was a ludicrous thing to say- at least the latter part. And even though I was the only guy laughing out loud in the theater for the first two thirds of the movie- in the end, I was right on both counts. 

This movie has some major plot holes, but... it's the little hapless, off center character touches that inundate both the visuals on screen and the characters themselves that give this movie its dark, foreboding humor and its uncanny ring of authenticity ('70s and otherwise). The main characters are all fatally flawed and frayed, everyone hanging on dearly for that last gasp of life giving air and salvation- all so they can live to fuck up just one more time the very next day...

On a minor note, the film should have ended when Seymour Hoffman's character went walking down the darkened street (instead of what seemed like a tacked on "happy" ending)- needless to say, this movie made especially real how much Seymour Hoffman will be missed...   A Must See.

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