Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Photo: Ashley Gilbertson

It was only last week when Bedrooms Of The Fallen by Ashley Gilbertson, which I had posted on before, popped into mind out of nowhere. It had been some time- what had ever come of it?

The book is now finally out and makes for a most fitting memorial and tribute to one side. But work this good, if it embraced a more inclusive approach, would have the potential to open hearts and minds on a universal level. Ashley Gibertson had made some mention back in 2010 that he was considering making a separate volume to memorialize the innocent Iraqi children and civilians that were needlessly slaughtered in this completely unnecessary war of choice. Wonder if there has been any progress on that front...

It seems that one way to ensure that these needless wars continue to occur again and again and again, is to only remember and honor one side, one viewpoint- and in this case (as in so many others), the side of the aggressor.

I realize that such a viewpoint will fall mostly on deaf ears, and only serve to infuriate others, but if we someday ever learn to question (and challenge) those who send us off to war on their own personal whim for their own personal aggrandizement, we may have the opportunity to mourn less, and see more of our children grow into responsible adults.

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