Saturday, April 27, 2013

Instant Camera Bags

The Lowepro Exchange Messenger Bag
Lately as I get older errr... wiser, I've tended to simplify. Easier, lighter- less is more. That particularly pertains to equipment- especially the amount of equipment carried. I have the previous version of the Crumpler $6 Million dollar bag (the present version is as butt ugly as butt ugly gets); great for road trips when you can pack the kitchen sink. As for my everyday sojourns to and from the day job, I pack my FM3 w/20mm in one of those equally butt ugly triangular SLR pouches conveniently unseen within my Manhattan Portage (Small) DJ bag along with my water bottle, binder, lunch, etc. Lately however I've been wanting an equally smallish and lean, non conspicuous camera bag for casual street shooting.

I at first thought of getting an economical camera bag insert for said Manhattan Portage DJ bag, but I would then have to purchase the slightly larger Medium sized version to accommodate the insert, approx cost for both- $100. Then I came upon the Lowepro  Exchange Messenger Bag. Not quite as sturdy as the DJ Bag w/add. padded insert, but... it's $30 all told! Built well enough for casual everyday shooting, has three adjustable padded compartments, a couple of side pockets, can fit a camera, 2 add. short lenses, flash, small accessories (stop- no more!), is inconspicuous and hugs the body.  Look forward to using when I visit the homeland in NYC this June. When it wears down, you're good to go for another $30- or get the MP alternative described above (my eventual route when my current wears out).

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