Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Central Park Five Fiasco

Remember it like yesterday- pacing the halls of our school at 116th and Lenox (my first permanent teaching assignment), hoping it was "not one of ours." And asking ourselves with befuddled looks, "What the hell is... Wilding?" Of course, turned out it was a non existent term manufactured by the cops- as were the well orchestrated stories these five minors were rehearsed into telling an outraged city in order to successfully prosecute, convict and condemn themselves of a crime they did not commit, and therefore grant the aggrieved populace some measure of closure.
And yes, even I at the time (am quite saddened to admit) was of the belief that where there was smoke... there was fire. More like smoke and mirrors...

Watch Central Park Five Preview on PBS. See more from Central Park Five.

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