Monday, April 15, 2013

Sorrow, Suffering And Survival In Syria

The Veils of Aleppo- Franco Pagetti

The Frontline piece is both incredibly sad and maddening, a small glimpse into the bitter consequences of yet another purposely manufactured breakdown between peoples who had lived, shared and known better- all so they could indulge the twisted fallacy of superiority touted by some lecherous lunatic that would infect and pervert one and all to the point of wanton mass murder, just as in Yugoslavia, Rawanda and so many other countless and all so ultimately futile ethnic conflicts.

It is the way of the bully, the unrelenting will of the sociopathic mind and the unthinking masses that first allow and then participate in the ravages of civilian killings, the slaughter of young innocents. Inevitable, untold suffering that will persist for decades, hatred that will long outlast the petty mind from which it spawned.

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