Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mark Steinmetz (in San Francisco)

Love that suspended animation box materializing from another dimension in the middle of...  
Photo: Mark Steinmetz

Mark Steinmetz is an unusual cat; got to see him at The CA College Of The Arts this week. He publishes and exhibits exclusively in B&W- like now, today... successfully! And while he's thoroughly dedicated to that particular medium, he is very much a generalist otherwise; that is, he takes: portraits, landscapes, street scenes, still lifes... all with the power to seduce you, unlike many photographers today who seem to stay within specific niche categories. 

Steinmetz started with a street photographer's aesthetic but managed to make it more his own, more elegant, more diverse; in part due to his use of larger formats, but largely because his vision evolved into a richer, more finely nuanced, and very eloquent hybrid that seems capable of adapting to whatever the subject matter. They're very subdued, contemplative images- yet they pack a sustained wallop nonetheless. Spend some time on his website- you'll see what I mean and it'll be time well spent (better yet, study one of his books). Did I mention he doesn't do color? Actually he does, just doesn't show it much, you can well see why...

Mr. Steinmetz is currently on view at The Stephen Wirtz Gallery till 4/27.

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Eric Rose said...

How can he be any good, his horizons are not level ;) Like this style, excellent instincts and execution.