Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aitor Lara's Ronda Goyesco

Photo: Aitor Lara

I recently came across Aitor Lara's Ronda Goyesco, a beautifully photographed book filled with gorgeous B&W reproductions; it covers the primitively sadistic bloodsport known as bull fighting that is forever ingrained into and protected by "culture." That said, Lara covers all aspects of this highly ritualized blood letting: the pomp and circumstance, the fashion and traditions, the fear and emotion behind the stands and within the arena, and finally, a peak at the action itself, and its aftermath. As if that wasn't enough, he even throws in some remarkable studio style portraits. Unfortunately, I could not find any quality representations of this work online, not even on his website- so I opted instead to include some exquisite samples of his other work... 

Photo: Aitor Lara


TomRS said...

I got it and it's beautiful thanks for the heads up.

Stan B. said...