Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Love Dr. Laura!

This is most certainly a case of let me count the ways. Really, where does one even start when it comes to someone whose professional and personal lives are built on such blatantly glaring layers of deceit and hypocrisy? And for those not in this country, my beloved Dr. Laura is an ultra conservative, radio talk show host who freely dispenses her advice and wisdom to those amongst us who are: a) absolutely clueless, and b) love to be verbally belittled, humiliated and further abused. To listen is to truly love, understand and appreciate not only her, but an entire group of people who actually look up to and seek advice and comfort from someone who:
  1. Has a phd. in physiology, in other words- she's every bit as qualified to counsel anyone about anything as... you or I.
  2. Is probably the only ultra conservative counselor, therapist, whatever that has full frontal pictures of herself freely available on the web. That's right, this person who scolds, humiliates, and belittles others for having premarital sex is the same person who has her muff plastered all over these internets, taken when she was freely screwing everything she supposedly stands for today. At first she denied the photos were her- only to then try to have them legally removed because "they looked like her."
  3. Since becoming a proud mom, matriarch and uber proponent of strong family values has managed to lovingly raise a son who even the army fears is a psycho! Now that really takes some doing!
You'd think those three strikes (anyone of which worthy of The Rosie Ruiz Marathon Award) would silence anyone with even the slightest residue of humility, shame or self respect, but my dear Dr. once again made it into the news last week by using the N word- and she really seemed to revel in repeating it, over, and over, and over again. I guess it was a liberating experience (for her), as well as being a teachable moment- for the rest of us... Or as Don King is so fond of saying, "Only in America!"

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