Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes, I Really Don't Know...

How to follow a post like yesterday's, which ultimately involves a real, live, flesh and blood human being- not just some theoretical concept, moral premise or politic du jour. A human being forced to endure that which others cannot even gaze upon, let alone explain. If only it was just her- instead she joins the ever expanding list of humans who prove just how truly abhorrent we as a species will always be, a list as long as it is forgotten.

And we seriously want to go out into space to spread our human grandeur throughout the universe? If we had any of the humanity we're so fond of claiming, we'd wipe ourselves clean off our own planet and let evolution start anew. Humans are the most failed of experiments, forever scared beyond reason and forever doomed to repeat our own miserable, short sighted, self inflicted mistakes. It is who we are, and there is nothing inherently noble, sacred or redeeming about continuing and intensifying such a history. And if god by any chance did indeed make this world in but six days, I seriously suggest he consider putting the necessary time and effort into his next attempt. For those wise enough to listen, our planet has already begun the process of ridding itself of us, as we have so grievously injured it. This time it aint waiting for no meteors. It just can't.

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