Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On The Bridge To Nowhere

There ain't a a single day I don't wake up to earn my daily measure and not feel I have to once again cross that goddamn bridge straight off. Don't we all.

And much as the other side of this particular bridge looks like a lovely little, sun kissed villa somewhere in  the  bucolic hills of Tuscany,  it's actually none other than Mountain City, Nevada- about a block long with a couple of houses and a bar.

When I saw said sign and slammed on the brakes, I gathered up the camera from the back seat and only then noticed that we had attracted considerable attention upon arrival, that is, a most formidable swarm of mosquitoes had surrounded our windows and windshield! Now there's only so long you can wait in 95+ degree heat, and I didn't want to risk overheating the car and being permanently stranded with our new found fans. A decision had to be made, skip the possible photo (after all, there's no guarantee), or get out and risk get thoroughly bit. One minute, twelve bites later, I once again crossed over the bridge to nowhere.


Darcy said...

My family lives here, and it RARELY EVER reaches 95+ degrees, dude.

Stan B. said...

In the car with the windows closed, dumbass.