Thursday, August 26, 2010

100 EYES!!!

 Valeri Nistratov- The Forest Steppe

Last night, I was just about to happily, lazily, longingly doze off unto the welcomed land of slumber after one wretchedly long day when I was startled and thrown into a dreamlike state of absolute awe and attention by some of the most stunningly good photo essays I have ever witnessed online, in print, or in person. I had accidentally stumbled upon the online magazine called 100 Eyes!

Why the string of accolades? Just take in and absorb the wealth of imagery yourself. Many photo essays have a few individual winners with a supporting cast of mediocrity, the same for most most photo magazines- no matter the genre or presentation. But 100 Eyes just dazzles you with the consistency of its imagery, issue after issue, no let up, no weakest link- one knock out essay followed by another, each image better than the last and every bit as good as the next... I'm going to bed now, and you damn well know what I'll be looking at tomorrow, and then some!

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