Sunday, August 1, 2010

About TIME!!!


Mark Page said...

It knocks me sick that picture. I'm normally a bit cynical about the power of photojournalism in the here and now but this picture smacks you in the mouth. I keep seeing that Steve McCurry picture, and then this. But now I feel 'icky' talking about images and not the subject and thats always the problem I have with 'concerned' photography. Do you know what I mean?

Stan B. said...

That's a great point Mark, so much has been said about the picture and its usage that Bibi Aisha, looming ever so larger than life on the cover, seems to get lost in it all. And I suppose, as you well point out, it's certainly not the first time it's occurred in the annals of "concerned" photography.

You can find out more about her current situation here: