Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Lousy Movies

I remember when the second Matrix movie was coming out and Laurence Fishburne was yappin' away about how unbelievably great the car chase scene was... The first movie took us to worlds and realities we could only imagine in our wildest- yet here he was talking about some... car chase?! No, it certainly did not bode well, and the second of the Matrix trilogy did indeed prove to be the lamest of the lot. 

Recently, the second installment of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy also suffered the sophomore jinx. Actually, it wasn't all that bad- until the very end. Any action movie will stretch the boundaries of reality, but when they have her literally returning from the dead, after being shot one, two, three times and then being buried (alive?)- it really went beyond even the Hollywood (in)credulity factor and into complete comic book superhero land...

Friday, I finally got to see Inception, which I'd been dying to see for weeks. Yes, it appeared to be Matrix Redux, but pretty classy, cool and visually stimulating in its own right. At least that's what I hoped for... Alas, it was not to be (even in Imax). The non stop en masse shootouts were like early Bond movie climaxes on meth, and I found myself anxious for them to be over and done with to return to the real plot- only to be again reminded it was so absolutely piss poor to begin with, which is why they needed the mindless shootouts in the first place...

I guess that's three lousy movies.

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