Monday, June 18, 2012

Yup, it's Art. And it's Official.

I generally don't get much joy out of knocking someone's work, particularly those of photographers- lest they're major dicks who go about taking themselves and their "concepts" a tad too seriously (eg- a narcissist like Sherman or an outright thief like Prince). I'm sure I won't hurt their gallery sales; I know my place, another nameless blogger who takes photos on weekends.

The fact is, I am consistently humbled by the quality, and indeed, quantity of work that is made, published and exhibited by photographer/artists- have been for decades. And there is no doubt that more room must be made for photojournalists covering the important and the unseen, under reported stories of the day.

What I don't understand is how something like this can actually rate. Mundane snapshots of a woman jumping in a man's arms- that's gallery material! A person lying down in public venues? Whoa! How could anyone living in any major city in the world possibly think up such an original concept? Or how about these super cute and tiny faux insect memorials- that's right, it took a collective a whole lotta power lunches to conjure up those babies! These are but two (of the latest) from countless others throughout the years- I'm sure you have your own personal faves. What's next, an essay on pet cemeteries (be a step up if ya asked me. I know, I know- no one is)?

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