Monday, June 11, 2012

NIKON Reneges...

Why is it that large, "venerable" institutions with a supposed track record of promoting artists automatically fold like the proverbial deck of cards whenever confronted with the slightest challenge? It happened to Subhankar Banerjee when Senator Babara Boxer dared mention on the US Senate floor that his photographs were proof positive that the Arctic area Republicans had set their greedy little eyes on as a prime drilling opportunity worth billions was anything but the "barren wasteland" they repeatedly described it as. His photographs vividly displaying the natural beauty of the abundant flora and fauna native to the area were immediately moved from the main viewing room in the rotunda of The Smithsonian Institution... to the basement loading dock- without explanation! And now it is happening to Ahn Sehong who has documented the so called Korean "comfort workers" who were so heartlessly exploited and abused by the Japanese military during WWII. His scheduled Nikon sponsored exhibit for later this June has been cancelled; in addition, both he and his family are now being threatened.

This could be a shining moment for Nikon- following through with what they had originally promised, and standing up to ultra right wing thuggery and repression. And in the process garnering the kind of international respect and recognition that money just can't buy! Instead, they've chosen to fold, to censor and lower themselves, insult the artist they allegedly support and, most importantly, the very people originally wronged in such an inexcusable manner. By choosing to do so, Nikon has shamefully allied themselves with all the murderous deniers and revisionists of history who have helped perpetrate such abhorrent atrocities (and who thanks to such apologists, will continue to do so).

Meanwhile, there's still time for Nikon to make this right, set the precedent, and stand tall. Help them do just that... Please, watch the video- and be counted. Send an email with the word 'Nikon' in the title and your name will be added to the petition (if you are outside the UK, please add your country).    And, as always, thank you- Duckrabbit.

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