Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conservative Parents Everywhere!!!

You guys got kids, right? I don't have a worry, don't gotta one- I'll be cashing out in another 25 years, if not sooner... just like the fat bastard so rich he spends every day spewing ever more deluded rantings no real working person with the slightest would ever believe.

But I assume you worry about your kids- right? You know, like their well being, and future and stuff... You like, love them, right? Right? Then time to embrace the Conservative in you and start facing the fact that this planet you're leaving them is... dying!  
I realize you think "science" all a myth- unproven, hysterical, left wing propaganda. The Great Liberal Lie! Otherwise, you wouldn't be so preoccupied with your real religion- making money at any cost, even at the very expense of the planet that keeps you alive. Just hope the religion you go through so much trouble trying to convince everyone else you really believe in comes through and Raptures your ass on up high into the heavens you're so busy polluting with your SUVs and your non regulated, profit inducing carbon emissions- cause pretty soon there aint gonna be shit to eat down here!

Not to worry- fat man's got your back! Your kids can bet on it...

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