Saturday, June 30, 2012

National Geographic Chases Its Own A**Hole

This Linda Hamilton look-a-like is supposed to somehow blind you into watching this pathetic program.

I don't have cable, but since everyone knows Nat Geo is a Grade A, serious class act- I just had to see the 2 hr. premiere of Nat Geo Chasing UFO'S last night. Luckily, I had a neighbor who would indulge my enthusiasm. Finally, we would be treated to a high tech, scientific, no bullshit, Nat Geo UFO Investigation Extravaganza!!! Yes, sir- everyone knows... Nat Geo does not fuck around!

I profusely apologized and left before the first hour was up. It was the same, very sad and very tired ghost searching, Bigfoot hunting in the dark and oh so scary woods exploitation formula. What was that? Did you hear that! Whoa! What the f... was that!? Did you see that? 

Yes- I have... A hundred, thousand times before- although never had I seen it from the likes of a supposedly reputable and fact based name brand. And name brand is all it was, and all it served to demean.

One eyewitness showed very clear video of a UFO (yes, that was exactly what it was- an Unidentified Flying Object) he shot from his backyard. Cool! Next stop- video analysis, right!? Certainly, with today's latest computer/digital technology they could at the very least determine if it was doctored- at the very, absolute least! Cut to commercial, and when the Linda Hamilton Terminator impersonator returns, she proclaims that they were instead... "Kickin' it old school" by investigating newspaper accounts in the local library, which in turn leads to an 1891 account of a meteor exploding locally and scattering fragments all over the neighborhood- which they then proceed to look for a hundred years later... at night!

That's right, this 'serious, in depth investigation' didn't even return to perform the most cursory digital examination of said video- and I was supposed to stay for another hour!?!?

Sarah Connor/Linda Hamilton- T2

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