Sunday, November 13, 2011

Self Reflection

56 (and counting...)

I first attempted blogging in '04 during a period of unemployment right 'round my mid century mark, and transferred to Blogger in '07 when I finally decided to seriously commit to the damn thing, that is, develop the discipline to post most every day with something to say, present or show of some particular relevance or "importance." At first I wanted to create the largest audience possible, and after a couple of years of that said, "fuck it," it is what is. Just as I had concluded with my photography, it's ultimately something I do for myself, which at first sounds incredibly selfish and self defeating- particularly considering a medium that is so inherently meant to be shared, as is... a blog. But in a time when everyone is a photographer and everyone has something to say (and the means to do it), the choices are numerous, the alternatives plentiful. Fact of the matter- you can reach a helluva lot more people now simply via Facebook.

I can't deny what a leak it still is being able to meet, contribute, and share online; but I've pretty much said most of what I've wanted to say- as loudly and articulately as I possibly can. And with the work involved, I certainly don't want to embark on repetition for an ever decreasing "return." Curiously, others are also reassessing their roles in blogdom, and others still perhaps quietly fading away- some having already succumbed to... the inevitable(?). In fact, when you come down to it- it's hard to think of many (any?) "successful" photo blogs nowadays that are not at least partially funded in some manner.

Soon come, we'll be turning the corner on post 1,500- we'll see where we take it from there... And as always, thank you for dropping by.


Blake Andrews said...

There's a place in heaven reserved for uncommercial photoblogs. Keep plugging away, Stan.

Stan B. said...

I hope it's analogue! And when ya go in the darkroom- one test print, and your good!

Thanks, Blake.

Eric Rose said...

I drop in every day. The quality to noise ratio is exceedingly good here and I can connect with what you have to say. I am sure you are tired of me commenting all the time haha.

BTW just finished souping 4 rolls of film tonight.

Stan B. said...

Always a pleasure, Eric- like souping film. Hope ya got a few keepers...

Eric Rose said...

I'm quite excited about a few of them. Shot one roll over two years ago and another about 1.5 years ago. Bad Eric, not keeping up on developing the 35mm stuff. I'm primarily a LF shooter.

My Nikon and Epson scanners have been disconnected for over a year as I am forcing myself to print in the darkroom again. I love working in the darkroom but just can't spend hours and hours in there like I use too. It's almost like sneaking around with an ex-wife were the sex was great but you just couldn't stand spending too much time together.

Benjamin said...

Stan B.

One of my blogging heros.

Full stop.

Twitter has in lots of way changed the way we read blogs.

Stan B. said...

Back at ya, Benjamin.

And of course, I'm going to assume the change is all for the better- correct? Actually, I spend way too much time in my own little world on a computer as is- similarly, when outside, I like to engage in the outside world as much as possible (despite the fact that I'd like to disengage from most of it). No twittering, no texting, no tablet- and about 3 cell phone calls per week.