Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy SF (part IV)

Naked Zeal


Eric Rose said...

Unfortunately the OWS movement seems to have brought out more whack-jobs than legit protestors.

At least back in the 60's and 70's the anti war movement had a semblance of organization.

It's interesting looking at it. In the 60's and 70's you had university kids protesting because they deep down were scared shitless about going to war and getting killed in some rice paddy. In the OWS movement you see almost no university people because they do not want to screw up their chances of getting jobs with the very corporations that have put their own parents out on the street. The very same parents who toiled for years putting aside the money these kids are using to educate themselves.

I hope they get really good jobs because they will be supporting us in our old age.

Stan B. said...

There's always a few exhibitionists of various stripes in any protest anywhere strutting there stuff just to be out there (and in San Francisco it's actually legal to walk about nude in a non aroused state- yeah, I didn't believe it at first either). And of course, it's often those people who make "photo opportunities" and are hardly representational of the people, cause or event at hand. The photo above, perfect case in point.

The Occupy Oakland event on 11/2 was attended by thousands that filled the entirety of that city's downtown- not a cop to be seen anywhere. The general atmosphere was festive (parents were there participating with toddlers in tow), peaceful, productive and surprisingly well organized. The few violent incidents were caused by a group of masked, black hooded vandals that have been operating in the Bay area for years and are NOT part of the Occupy movement. They lurk about many a protest and just wait for an opportune time to bust things up and cause havoc, and I hope that Occupy organizers do crack down on them because they most certainly are not helping, particularly with all the negative media attention that is ultimately concentrated on them.